Friday, November 5, 2010

vintage fashion = sustainable halloween fun

I just had to share with you all a little snapshot (taken with my blackberry, but good enough kids) of my friend Annie and myself, who dressed up as "Bunny and Cher" for Halloween this year.  (Quick explanation: our significant others are part of a band who, every year on Halloween, plays incredible collections of their original songs "mashed up" with cover tunes.  In this tradition, the band and fans also get creative with mashed up costumes; hence, Bunny and Cher.)

Back in my carefree days when I had more of this thing called free time, I used to make my costumes from sustainable fabrics.  These days, I'm lucky to find 5 minutes mid-day to scarf down a banana for lunch, and the glorious day of Halloween costume design fun are long gone.  And the possibility of finding an eco-friendly costume at one of those chain style pop-up Halloween shops is nonexistent, of course.  Well thank sweet goodness for vintage.  Finding a 70s era Cher dress at a vintage shop doesn't exactly require an abundance of creativity, but because I tend to border on unhealthy on the perfectionist scale, it had to, ya know, be just right.  I have to admit, I think I did good with this dress and the accessories (both real-live/official 1970s gear).  I actually kind of can't wait to wear it again.

P.S. We sang "I Got You Babe" repeatedly until we annoyed people.  Then we sang it again.


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