Monday, November 22, 2010

Bubby and Bean is (Freaking FINALLY) Here!

After months of work, I'm so excited to announce that my new line of art (and new blog), Bubby and Bean, has finally arrived! 

Although I've been creating art since I was first able to hold a crayon, Bubby and Bean (both the business and the blog, which will be a little different than Smart. Sustainable. Style.) is a new venture for me. 
As I posted here this summer, the tragic loss of one of my oldest and closest friends forced me to take some time away from my workaholic lifestyle, drop everything, and re-learn how to follow my bliss.  From this, Bubby and Bean was born.

I decided to create the Bubby and Bean blog as my special little place on the web to share not just my art and business adventures, but also a variety of inspirations, my favorite things, random pictures and musings, and whatever else pops into my head on any given day. Smart. Sustainable. Style. will, of course, continue to focus on eco-friendly fashion, Mountains of the Moon, and a behind the scenes glimpse into running a sustainable business in the fashion industry. For more about the concept behind Bubby and Bean and my personal bio, read on below...

BUBBY and BEAN is a unique line of art and gifts created by artist/designer Melissa Baswell, and inspired by a rather extraordinary old dog. You can view and purchase Bubby and Bean goods at Mountains of the Moon, or in our Etsy Shop.

An almost-15-year-old rescue dog named Leary, who was given the nickname “Bubby” when he was just a pup, serves as Bubby and Bean's official muse. Bubby has lived a remarkable life, defied all odds, baffled vets, impressed countless strangers, and though gray-muzzled and a bit slow in his old age, delights in showing affection and kindness to everyone he meets. Always by Melissa’s side, his love and loyalty provide daily fuel for her creative process. “Bean” is the nickname of Leary’s friend and “cousin” Isis, also a very special old dog who grows more and more distinguished with age. 


BUBBY and BEAN ART features illustrations, photographs, paintings, greeting cards, mixed media collages and other intriguing handmade trinkets inspired by many wonderful things (including but not limited to: the adventures of Leary and Isis, old dogs/new dogs, nature/the big city, vintage findings/shiny new discoveries, music/silence, jet-setting across the globe/the comforts of home).  As with Mountains of the Moon, Bubby and Bean art is crafted using a sustainable approach, and special care is taken to use eco-friendly and recycled materials as much as possible in each piece.

is a Chicago-based artist and sustainable fashion designer. When not in a fetal-style ball on the floor of her studio creating art for Bubby and Bean, Melissa can be found at her other gig, designing contemporary women’s wear for the eco-friendly clothing label Mountains of the Moon. Melissa’s work has been shown at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, in Chicago and Portland Fashion Weeks, in local galleries and boutiques worldwide, and in fine publications like Women’s Wear Daily, Boho Magazine, Business Week, Discovery Channel's and others. When outside of her art bubble, Melissa may or not be dancing to live music (her boyfriend is the Stage Manager for a touring band), exploring vintage shops and estate sales, roaming Costa Rica in search of monkeys and/or Australia in search of koalas, drinking coconut water and/or soy chais, or petting Leary. 

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