Wednesday, November 10, 2010

so easily distracted

It's been rather hectic around here lately, preparing Mountains of the Moon for the holiday rush and launching another small business, working on new art, hosting out of town guests, making holiday plans, taking care of sweet Leary (aka my child in the form of a nearly 15 year-old lab/chow mix), and dealing with other daily forms of madness. When I'm not asleep, it's go go go.

I started wondering this morning if I'd have a little more free time with better time management skills.  I've never claimed to be an organized person (you should see my studio), but I do feel confident in my abilities to plan each day in the form of a nice little to do list.  After several minutes of pondering, I suddenly realized that ultimately my problem is this: all the pretty distractions.

I think every designer/artist/creative person who owns a business can relate to what I'm saying here.  It's not easy for us to focus on business-y things like bookkeeping software, marketing plans, and accounts payable when there's what I like to call "inspiration providers" all around us.  Maybe it's a particularly blue sky out of the window, the most lovely necklace you've ever seen on page 47 of your favorite fashion magazine, a pretty postcard tacked to your wall...  All I know is that I am constantly distracted by an influx of inspiration providers that make me want to grab all of my sewing and art supplies and run away to an island where the only rule is to create, madly, all day. 

Since I need to figure out how to win the lottery before I jet set off to Creativity Isle, I'll leave you with a few of the many pretty things that have distracted me thusfar today.  Enjoy.

Beautiful vintage fluter (from 1866!) I found at an estate sale

Pretty yellow mum plant on my desk.  Slightly obsessed with yellow flowers.

Ridiculously adorable dog asleep in my office.  Look at the tail covering the face. 


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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! I completely relate in every way! Love the pics too. That vintage fluter is amazing. So is your dog. :) I love your work, keep it up!

Emily Lambert