Wednesday, November 3, 2010

taking it further...

In case you missed July's Confessions of a Recovering Workaholic post, after a devastating and tragic loss this summer, I decided it was about time to (at least partially) surrender to the flow, give up the 80-hour work weeks, and start focusing a little more on "following my bliss."  This led to lots of travel, lots of introspection, and lots of art projects.

Yes, art projects.

With roots based in illustration and mixed media art, I found myself delving back into drawing, creating collages from recycled findings, photography, greeting card and invitation design, and a whole heap of random projects fueled by, well, following my bliss. 

I am a fashion designer.  I love the process of designing a garment from the first spark of an idea for a new design to finished project.  But my favorite part, by far, has always been those first steps of putting the initial design on "paper" - the mood board, the sketch, the completed fashion illustration.  It seemed like it was time to focus on this favorite part of my career, and take it further...

As friend and colleagues saw my heaps of art-based creations, I was prompted to start a new sub-business, where I could display and sell this art.  After some thought, I chose the name Bubby & Bean, an idea inspired by a couple of sweet old dogs and their ability to appreciate the simplest of life's pleasures.  Bubby & Bean will launch in the next week or so, so stay tuned for more details and fun facts in the coming days.

And in the meantime, remember this.  Cliche or otherwise, life is short.  If you are lucky and, like me, love what you do, don't be afraid to take it a little further.  You might be surprised by the refueled passions you discover.


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