Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Shopping - Some Love For Indie & Eco-Friendly Designers/Businesses

I decided to whip up this banner to spread the word about the importance of supporting small and indie businesses this holiday shopping season.  This is a little gift for all of you fellow small business owners/designers/artists/crafters, so please feel free to use it on your websites, blogs, etc.!  (A link back to is of course appreciated!).  If you have any trouble copying and pasting, contact me for the image code.



Annette said...

Yay, this is amazing! Thank you for doing this for everyone. I will definitely put it to use. Can I print it out to use at holiday events too/

Melissa Baswell said...

Thank you Annette. Yes, you can definitely print it out (recycled or tree-free paper please!), or to be even more eco-conscious, contact me ( and I can send you a high res image to download that you can print out and framed to use as a sign in your booth if you are doing trunk shows or vending crafts shows this season :).

Megan said...

Love this post! Also want to share my ideas for green Christmas shopping at