Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Come Visit Us!

Despite our lack of frequent posts lately, we're still here dear readers. We've just been spending a lot of time over at our other blog, Bubby and Bean. Bubby & Bean is like Smart. Sustainable. Style. with a burst of fresh energy.  Like here, we write about sustainable and vintage fashion, but we also cover topics like art and design, handmade and indie business, product reviews, DIY projects, home decor, giveaways, everyday things that inspire us, and lively creatively in general.  Plus there is a plethora (yes, plethora) of lovely pictures on a daily basis.  If you are a Smart. Sustainable. Style. reader and/or subscriber, we hope you'll come visit us at Bubby and Bean, and subscribe to our posts.  We welcome ideas, suggestions, and guest posts about inspiring topics that encompass a creative lifestyle.

Hope to see you there!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

oh my gosh, i am in LOVE with bubby and bean! i just subscribed in google reader. my new favorite blog! (don't worry though, i'll always be a smart sustainable style reader too!!!)