Wednesday, December 1, 2010

december dress inspiration

I am so inspired by this photograph of Jean Shrimpton from Vogue's December 1964 issue. The empire cut dress (by Nina Ricci) is both playful and incredibly elegant.  I adore the detailing on the bust and the drape of the fabric that Ricci chose, and am dreaming of finding the free time to design something similar out of vegan silk for New Year's Eve!

Happy December!

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Lee Oliveira said...

What a beautiful dress.. and the photo has been taken on 60's.. WOW..
Great style she has..

kristy eléna said...

oh my oh my, this is definitely inspiration. that dress is so timelessly stylish it could be worn today and no one would even think to question what decade it came from. i love it so much, but then again, it IS nina ricci who is just all over fabulous and talented.

thank you so much for your support on my sunglass hut blog! i really appreciate it. =)

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