Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eco-Fashion Pioneer (Happy Birthday Dad!)

In honor of my dad's 62nd birthday, I thought I'd share this amazing image of him modeling for a company called Perennial Designs in the early 70s. Perennial Designs was a local knitwear line out of Bloomington, Indiana that designed responsibly made sweaters, coats and shawls, all hand-knit and hand-loomed. All of their designs were also naturally dyed and reflected the boho style that was defined during this era.

Smart, sustainable style was invented by the small design labels of this generation, and I'm pretty proud of my dad for choosing to model only for small, eco-conscious companies like this one. Happy birthday Papa John! Thank you for raising me to understand the significance of eco-fashion well before it became an everyday term in the fashion industry!

xo, melissa


Katie LeVine said...

This is fabulous! How wonderful that your dad was an eco-fashion model before eco-fashion was even a recognized term. I think that looking back to business models of small companies of the 60s and 70s can teach us all a lot about how to run sustainable businesses today. Thank you for sharing this, and happy birthday to your dad. :)

jess p. said...

This rocks. How cool that sustainable style runs in the family!