Monday, October 13, 2008

Smart. Sustainable. Delicious...?

First of all, a little off-topic note. We have no excuse for letting so much time pass between posts, dear readers. So what if I was slaving over my candy wrapper dress (we'll save that for a future entry), preparing for Fashion Focus (Chicago Fashion Week), and finishing up the spring '09 line? Who cares if Corinne was tending to her newborn child, or if Kari was moving her entire house and family into a new abode??? Or if Rachel was taking care of artists at Austin City Limits and planning MotM events galore, while Morgan was teaching her students about how to be thoughtful, caring citizens of America??? I mean, obvi the smart. sustainable. style. blog is much more significant that all of these things combined. So please forgive us. We promise to do better.

That said, on to the good stuff. There is deep meaning behind the title of this entry, my friends. Here at Mountain sof the Moon, we've decided to do something a little different this month. And it involves not only fashion and food, but sustainability as well. Sounds like a delightful, delicious dream.

Mountains of the Moon Eco.Fashion is teaming up with Crust, the first certified organic restaurant/bar in the Midwest to bring you our 2008 MotM Fall Collection Launch Party. We are quite excited about this soiree, because it proves that the many worlds of the sustainaibility movement can come together to create something bigger - and more fun - than we can create as individuals.

If you are in the Chicago area on October 21st, say around 7:30 PM, come check out our latest fall designs, meet fellow eco-warriors, and try delicious organic foods and drinks for very eco-special prices. (Did we mentioned you'll also get 10% off all items from our fall collection?).

Visit the Crust website or Mountains of the Moon's website for more info. And if you can make it, bring your pals. Organic food and eco-friendly clothing together in one place is definitely a cause for celebration.

melissa, who admits that she is the most excited for the organic vodka.

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