Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grunge or Gorge(ous)

I've never been one to blog, but I definitely can't ignore the blog boom. It's great; an optional perspective. A freedom to listen to someone as a friend without ever having to commit to actually listening or responding. Brilliant!

Now that I have that off my chest...

I've come to a new understanding of fashion. Once I was old enough to push and pull, nothing frilly or pink came close to me. My mothers saddest day. After having two boys all she wanted was her little girl dressed in pink frills. Little did she know, she had just birthed a third boy, her little tomboy. I stood by this lifestyle for most of my life (if not all so far). Even through college I was never one to think twice about what I was wearing (which ended up being the same pair of jeans, chuck taylors and bandanna for four years).

I ended up working for a store in college that sold Mountains of the Moon clothing (definitely the best garments the store had to offer). After college I started running the MotM booth at Bonnaroo. But it wasn't until a few months ago that I actually started caring what I looked like and wore (I honestly am still struggling between grunge and gorge(ous)). It's a tough decision for me, one that I struggle with daily. And when I argue with myself I always come to the same final thought - It's about reduce reuse recycle but don't forget to love yourself. I try to take everything I have and turn it into something I'll wear or give it up and donate it. If I buy something new, or see something I like, I try to research the eco-alternative. And in the end, after doing so much for the earth (including taking home and recycling the paper that the chop sticks from my favorite sushi restaurant come in) its important to show yourself some love and appreciation - after all.. we are part of this earth too!

Supporting happy, healthy, eco-everyones,

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Kate said...

I can relate with you. I have two brothers and I am the only girl. I have always been a little girly, I do love pink... but I have always fit in with the guys... My college years were spent being a division 1 varsity athlete, and I loved it.

Anyway, I can continue to relate with your post about clothing and I am really impressed that you are able to recycle your clothing into new outfits or other things. Do you have any pictures of your creations? Thank you also for mentioning the Mountains of the Moon clothing line. I am definitely going to check that out.

Thank you for the great post!