Friday, August 6, 2010

Festival Fashion: Lollapalooza!

One thing we love about living in Chicago (other than the balmy winters, and yes that is sarcasm) is the wealth of music festivals this city has to offer. From Wicker Park Fest to Pitchfork to a plethora of street fests, some of the best summer music events in the country take place here. Of course, besides the music, our favorite part of attending these fests is the fashion, and no festival has more style than Lollapalooza (which is happening today through Sunday in beautiful Grant Park).

Like the music line-up, anything goes in terms of style at Lolla. I love watching (and snapping photos of) people in looks that range from hippie chic to rocker to full-on costume. (Side note: please out-of-towners, remember that our summers are like our winters - extreme. Skinny jeans are not a good choice before sunset). Stay tuned to our Twitter Page tomorrow for tweets and pics from both backstage and in the audience of some of our favorite looks from Lolla 2010.

To tide you over, below are a few photos we snapped at Lolla 2009.

xo, melissa

P.S. Lollapalooza is also a pioneer in terms of music festival greening.

Post rain layering. 

Not a big fan of the tiger print halter, but liked the Joan Jett vibe of these ladies in their full-on rocker gear.

Loved the stripes and minimalistic style of this knit dress -
perfect for the heat.

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Stylestance said...

Looks like a fantastic time. That bottom pic/look is adorable.