Thursday, August 12, 2010

And the "What Inspires You" Winner Is...

Big thanks to all of you who contributed so many incredible quotes, sayings, and song lyrics to our Facebook "What Inspires You?" Contest! All of them (and your explanations as to why they inspire you) were a joy for us to read; so much so that we compiled them into a file to help inspire us everyday here at Mountains of the Moon.  Yep, that good.

It truly wasn't easy to choose a winner because all of the entries were all so thoughtful and moving, but in the end, we could only pick one... And that one is:

"Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?" - Rose Kennedy

We chose this quote because it so simply expresses such a profound statement: As humans, we have a choice in how we view circumstances and whether we focus on the positive or the negative. Each of us will experience suffering in our lives, but how that suffering affects us in the long run depends on how we react. If you make the conscious decision to treat every situation as a blessing in some way, life suddenly feels much more balanced. Just as birds chirp and sing after terrible storms, we can choose to embrace the positive attributes of our lives, and learn to view struggles and pain as lessons that teach us to enjoy life's simple pleasures. And besides, without adversity, how would we appreciate the beauty of life?  If it didn't rain, would we appreciate the sunshine? Without sadness, would we realize the worth of happiness?

As our winner (congrats Alicia Nieto!) said of this quote, "it is a great wayto think of how things happen for a reason, and that you will grow from them."

Again, we're so grateful to all of you who shared your quotes with us and Mountains of the Moon's fans. Please continue to feel free to post anything that you find inspirational on our Official Facebook Page – you just might make someone's day. And stay tuned for future contests!

The Mountains of the Moon Eco.Fashion Team

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