Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rewind: Music Festival Fashion '07

Ahhh, sweet, sweet summer.  Besides the obvious perks of my favorite season (example: the sun proving it actually does exist here in Chicago), summer is the time of year when the two worlds in which I work (and occasionally play) - fashion and music - collide in the most wondrous of ways.  I'll save my long history of summer music festival-dom for another post, but I thought for now I'd share some photos I came across on my hard drive today from Bonnaroo 2007.   I'm admittedly a bit of  Bonnaroo regular ('09 was the first year I decided to sit out, work or otherwise), but there was something particularly delightful about '07.  The music, the weather, the good friends, and of course, the fashion (bold colors and prints, lots of summer yellows, playful mini dresses), remain prominent in my memory as part of one of my most adored festival experiences.

Yours truly in Women's Wear Daily's "They are Wearing"
from Bonnaroo 2007 (bottom right, yellow dress)


Leslie Feist

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