Friday, January 2, 2009

Change is Divine in 2009!

Oh dear readers, how can we count the ways in which we feel deeply apologetic for the fact we have been so MIA? December was a crazy little month for us, with time spent in Jamaica, the holidays, a fabulous NYE show run with my boyfriend's amazing band Umphrey's McGee (25 piece show choir backing up the band + my very own private birthday dressing room backstage = not too shabby), and some deep thinking.

After over ten incredible years, I will be taking some new directions in 2009. Obvi, I will still be designing for Mountains of the Moon, but I'll be venturing out a bit as well. I've been fortunate to get some pretty cool gigs designing for the music industry, and I'll be focusing on that more in the upcoming year.

As for MotM, not to toot our own eco-horns, but we're a little bit proud that we were one of the first companies who took the risk to include eco-friendly fabrics in our collections, well before hemp and organic cotton became accepted by the mainstream. We cherish all that we learned along the way, all of the wonderful people we met, and the fact that we have been incredibly lucky to take a dream and make it a reality.

Don't worry, Mountains of the Moon ain't-a-goin' nowhere. But our collections, at least in the near future, will be a bit smaller, a bit more select - and as always, fabulously rad. As for right now, we highly suggest you head right over to our website and take advantage of the major mark downs on almost everything in our current collection. Once it's gone, it's gone, so don't miss out.

Happy, happy New Year. We love you. Like TLF love you. Middle school style.


P.S. This picture is from our brand new Spring '09 collection. We hope you think it's swanky and like, the cat's meow and all that.

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