Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Holiday Ramblings of a New Eco-Mom

Ohh Holidays... It's my daughter Halen's first holiday season. She turned 3 months on Thanksgiving. She's getting so big and I keep realizing how big the world is around her, and how content she is in her little house with us. She is usually caught with me hanging out from room to room; in office with the big windows and tall trees outside, or in her room with her beautiful crib adorned with Tibetan Prayer flags around the top (she's already sleeping in her own room, omg!). And in the third room, where we relax in bed, drink our bottles (hers, organic formula & mine, dark red wine ;)) and watch the boob tube - which I think she would like much more if its appearances were more characteristic of its nickname.

We caught the new episode of Samantha Who? and watched as she broke up with her environmentalist boyfriend. Her reasoning was her overwhelming feeling of guilt for her lifestyle pref. Samantha talked about it getting to the point where she took 30 minutes to decide whether the rubber on her shoes from walking 1/2 a block walk was worth the act of recycling one can. I seriously do this every day, seemingly all day. Damn tiring I tell ya.

Anyway back to the Holidays... I didn't do much of anything eco for Thanksgiving, although not by choice. I didn't cook, so I didn't do any organic food for anyone. I drove way too far. I went to a house knowing they didn't recycle and watched them fill up a full size roll to the street trash bin(!) with water bottles, beer bottles, and wine bottles alone (heavy drinkers, yes). The reason this doesn't plague my conscious is because I try to balance it out in other ways. If I take a long shower, I'll make up for it in another way (reduced flushing, driving less, taking recycling from local businesses, whatever I can come up with). The man who owns this particular house, my father, has his own reasons for not recycling: black holes. Haha. The ultimate recyclers. Good point, eh? (just kidding - please recycle!)

That's all for now. Halen is ready for some more bouncing on mom and possible some baby Einstein. Hey, if anyone knows of some other baby Einstein-ish movies for babies/toddlers please write to me and let me know! Adios!


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Heidi said...

My kids like the Signing Times series. Starting with the Baby signing times. They are so good! I think your daughter would love them. Ask people to get them for you for Christmas! I also liked the Fisher Price series of 4, Baby's day, Music Baby, Nature baby, and 1 I can't remember! We were always in the car and they were my lifesavers. plus they sign now! Good Luck! Heidi :)