Sunday, December 7, 2008

are you tired?

So what are you tired of? Global Warming? Animal Cruelty? AIDS? Cancer? We're sick off all of it, let me tell you. And that's why we love these fabulous bracelets created by our friends over at I'm Tired Of...

Sister and brother team Dan Hoffman and Carrie Pollare lost their father to heart disease at the age of 37 (when they were only 7 and 10), and then lost several other loved ones to preventable diseases. They decided it was time to take a stand and do something positive to express their losses, as well as the losses that affect all of us. They even took it a step further and decided to also make a difference in the many other important issues collectively affecting our world.

Their "I'm Tired Of" Bracelets, like our clothing, are not only fashionable, but also eco-friendly. Made from recycled tires pulled from landfills, they feature simple yet profound sayings like "I'm Tired of Autism" and "I'm Tired of Child Abuse." At a very reasonable $10, they are very affordable. The best part: $5 from each bracelet (that's half) goes to the causes featured on the bracelets.

We give kudos to like-minded companies like I'm Tired who are making a statement (and helping causes) through art and fashion. Check them out (they make fabulous eco-stocking stuffers).



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