Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Audrey: Autumn's Favorite Dress

Five reasons that the Audrey Dress = everything Autumn:

1. Smart Trend:  Unlike the very un-sustainable trends that sometimes show up on the runways, the Audrey Dress embraces one of the season's smartest trends - understated glamor.  Fall 2010 runways were brimming with the return of quality and classic style, traits upon which the Audrey was based.
2. Chameleon Qualities: The Audrey's simple elegance is complimented by any accessory, making it ideal for the in-between temperatures of fall.  Wear it alone now.  Thrown on a chic scarf and your favorite boots as the weather cools off.  Available in neutral colors (natural or black), it goes well with just about anything.  It's also incredibly flattering (bye bye traditional wraps; this baby is a mock-wrap pull-over style that will never cause you to look like you stepped out in your bathrobe!).
3. Temperature Control: It's made from a luxurious organic cotton and hemp blend jersey fabric that breathes with your skin.  If you get chilly, it warms you up.  If you get hot, it cools you off.  Simply magical.
4. Transition Magic:  It's the perfect transition piece from summer to fall, from fall to winter, and from winter to spring.  We call it "The Dress for All Seasons.'
5. Price!  For under $100, you'll have a gorgeous wardrobe piece that will be part of your closet for many, many moons.

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