Friday, July 9, 2010

We'll Be Back Soon, We Promise!

Just a little reminder that we haven't forgotten about you, beloved readers.  It's been a rough month in these parts, with quite a few losses, including one very close and tragic to the Mountains of the Moon family (you can read a little about that here).

For now, we're taking some time to sleep, travel, be around loved ones, clear our minds, and reflect on the things that are truly important.  But never fear, we'll be back before you know it with a brand new chapter of our lives and work to share.

In the meantime, hold the ones you love close, and be kind to others.  Take some time to sit in the sun, gaze at the stars, dance, sing, and enjoy the things that so many of us (myself included) often let pass us by in exchange for the hustle and bustle of work, stress and a fast-paced society; a society that sometimes makes it easy to forget that life is not only a precious gift, but also very fragile. Cliche or otherwise, life is short, and any of us can be gone in an instant.  A day will never go by for me again that I don't remember this and give thanks for every breath I take. 

Much Love,

Rest in Peace dearest Jeffrey.  April 9th, 1973 - June 13th 2010

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Julie said...

So true.. and very well said. So sorry for your loss!