Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Introducing... YOU CHOOSE!

The ladies o' Mountains of the Moon have been doing a lot of deep thinking recently.  You know - about things like existentialist theory, condensed matter physics, and really significant life decisions (like what colors to use for the spring '11 collection and what types of new products we should add to our line).

During an especially profound brainstorming session earlier this week, we had an epiphany.  Since we've always been inspired and driven by our customers, why not let our customers play an active roll in said significant decisions?

Introducing: YOU CHOOSE!  Starting today, we'll be posting weekly polls on our Official Facebook Page where you can help us choose where to go with our darling little company.  This week's poll asks:

Which of these items would you most like to see at Mountains of the Moon?
  • A New Sustainable T-Shirt Line
  • A Vintage and Used Clothing Section
  • More One-of-a-Kind Statement Necklaces
  • A Sustainable Bag/Purse Line
You can have your say by voting right here.  We hope you'll take part and help us create the Mountains of the Moon of your dreams.


1 comment:

Asteria said...

excellent idea!