Friday, April 30, 2010

My Crush on "Trends," Vol 1: Spring 2010

Despite the fact that my life of fashion-as-career sometimes transforms fashion-as-fun into panic attack inducing breakdowns, due to an inability to let go of workday stress (“Is that Project Runway I see on the TV?  Get it off now, NOW!  Omg, I just saw a dress form covered in muslin.  I can’t breathe!  I’m having a heart attack!”), I am still (thankfully) able to (occasionally) allow myself to enjoy the bliss of immersing oneself in the “this season’s hottest trends” features of fashion mags and blogs.

In order to avoid coming off as an eco-fashion hypocrite, let me explain my love of trends - which, on the surface, do go against most of what the sustainable style world embodies.  Yes, the basic concept of trends itself tends to promote fashion as disposable, sometimes even on the same gross level as a McDonalds cheeseburger wrapper.  But I’m not talking about $12 knockoff dresses produced in massive quantities (by children) that will end up in the dumpster behind your alley in three months.  I’m talking about the excitement that accompanies something new and different.  I’m talking about the endorphin rush that supplements staring at fashion week images or pictures of people on the street donned in various interpretations of these “trends.”  I’m talking about the inevitable enthusiasm that emerges from the exploration of newness in fashion-as-art.  In fact, when you add the sustainability factor to all of this, it becomes even more exhilarating.  Why?  Because an inspiration-fueled challenge presents itself, where one can concoct brand new ways to style garments already in the closet, or opt to buy eco-conscious pieces that are elegantly simple, and timeless enough to be easily updated to the most on-trend-look-on-the-block, with the simple help of a bracelet, jacket, or belt.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff: my three favorite trends for spring 2010.  Since I’ve already wasted enough of this post with a long-winded attempt to avoid appearing unfaithful to my devotion to the sustainable fashion revolution, I’m going to do this in pictures.  Enjoy.  Oh – and if you have a photo of your fine self wearing your favorite spring look, send it to us and we’ll post it for all the world to see.


Left: The organic cotton/hemp Audrey Dress, Mountains of the Moon by Melissa Baswell.Center and Right: Frei Designs by Annie Novoty. All three dresses available at Workshop Chicago


Left and Center: The organic cotton Stella Shorts, Mountains of the Moon by Melissa Baswell.  Available at Mountains of the MoonRight:  The Suspend Shorts (made from reclaimed tshirts), Adhesif Clothing.


Left: Charlotte Ronson (not necessarily sustainable, but a fun style to scout out at your local thrift store).  Right: The organic cotton Coco Dress, Mountains of the Moon by Melissa Baswell.  Available at Mountains of the Moon

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Lily T. said...

I love this! Great observations (explained through hilarious text), and I'm a huge fan of all of the designs you chose as examples of these spring fashion trends. I'm all about the neutral dresses this season.