Sunday, September 20, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Spring 2010 Photo Shoot Fun

We work a lot of long days (and nights, and weekends) here at MotM. Hey, with labors of love, that just goes with the territory. But we must admit, we're pretty good at finding the fun in those extra long days, and our spring 2010 photo shoot was no exception.

We decided to venture away from a typical studio shoot this time and scoped out lots of cool locations before I remembered a little pioneer school house called Sholes School (built in 1872!) and nearby barn not far from my childhood home outside of Chicago. It was absolutely ideal for my vision of the SS10 collection: elegantly rustic with vintage charm and gorgeously weathered characteristics perfectly representative of nature's often beautiful effects on human made structures. Walking around the grounds (which happen to be in the middle of a stunning forest preserve called Leroy Oakes) and exploring the buildings was fun in itself; around every corner we'd find another captivating backdrop.

We'll get into more details of my concept for the spring '10 collection down the road, but for now, here are some of the shots I took on my little ole' digi cam of the crew in action. The location was so inspiring, and we all had so much fun being ridiculous and silly during the spring shoot on Friday, that the photographer and models agreed to head back there again today to take some new photos of our current fall collection (which, btw, is now available in stores, and will be on our website within the week!).

Team Fun, aka the Ladies of MotM


melinda said...

Love these shots and it sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

The EcoDiva said...

Beautiful location! I can't wait to see the entire Fall line.

Elena aka EcoDiva