Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sexy = A Man in Climate Neutral Fashion

Let's admit it ladies... As much as we fashionistas can appreciate a boy with a sense of high fashion style, there's nothing quite as sexy as a man in a good ole' t-shirt. My boyfriend works for a band, so over the years, he has accumulated an awful lot of t-shirts that have been given to him on the road. Thankfully, some of them are even (oh so soft) 100% organic cotton. But as attractive as a well-fitting, stylish organic cotton tee is in my eyes, it's when he walks in the room sporting his climate neutral t-shirt that my heart really starts pounding.

Perhaps that made some of you laugh out loud (or gag). "Climate neutral" isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind for most of us when we think of turn-ons. But trust me, knowing that he not only looks good, but also that his t-shirt was produced without creating a carbon footprint, makes him absolutely irresistible.

In addition to our trademark sustainable fashion line, the ladies at Mountains of the Moon also have what we like to call our "eco-side project," which consists of a few unique t-shirts that we buy from other righteous companies and then print with our original artwork. I can't even begin to express the joy I felt a few months back when I found a company who creates a blank tee that is not only organic and fair trade, but that is also manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power. We bought those babies up, printed them with our best-selling "Eco Warrior" design, and trust me, I made sure my boyfriend threw one on, immediately. Hot. Very hot. I think I even salivated.

So all you dudes out there, the next time you want to impress a lady with some old suit, try a stylish, eco-friendly t-shirt instead, and see what happens... Take it a step further with one that is not only organic, but climate neutral. Even if you don't get any lovin' from the girl, you can strut your stuff knowing that Mother Earth thinks you are incredibly eco-sexy.

Your favorite man-in-a-climate-neutral-tee-lover,

P.S. Want your very own organic, climate neutral, and deliciously eco-sexy "Eco-Warrior" tee? Here you go.

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Kary said...

ohh la la climate neutral tee...I need to get my man one of those! Seeing the words climate nuetral is kind of is a turn on = hot:)

Great post and cool to see fashion coming out that actually reduces our carbon footprint!